Wild & Native – gift packs of organic seeds


Common Name: Colour Splash series



A box of seed packets of a collection of six of our favourite, most flamboyant true wildflower species, native to the British Isles. Perfect for bees and many other pollinators
Althaea officinalis(perennial)
Centaurea scabiosa(perennial)
Echium vulgare(biennial)
Leonurus cardiaca(perennial)
Solidago virgaurea(perennial)
Succisa pratensis(perennial)

About these seeds:
These hardy, native perennials and one biennial are suitable for sowing either in the autumn (September/October) or early in spring (March/April)
The pack includes sowing and growing instructions

Other packs in the Colour Splash series includes ‘Dancing in Crimson‘, ‘Rhapsody in Blue‘ and ‘Hello Mellow Yellow