Garden Design & Soil Analysis


Common Name: Soil Analysis and Garden Design

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Here at Bee Happy Plants & Seeds, we care deeply that all our babies find good homes (baby plants, that is). And we understand how plants thrive best in soils and situations that suit them, not only thrive but be resilient to pests and diseases, so reaching their full potential of flowering, size and beauty (and usefulness to pollinators).
Our new bespoke garden design service will offer a comprehensive look at your garden soil, aspect, climate and pH (or range of pH’s) and finally an illustrated garden design, full of the right plants, shrubs and trees for your garden and pollinators.
A perfect gift for any garden and all its myriad of tiny but VIP (very important pollinator) residents!
The bespoke garden design option starts with our soil test kit and analysis which we study to produce your garden design in an illustrated, sketch form. N.B. We are experiencing high demand during the growing season for plants and garden design, so please do email us first if you would like the design service. Winter months are the ideal time for garden designing. And any plants you choose to buy from us for this makeover, we will supply with a healthy 15% discount!
The soil analysis option is simply the pH test kit and analysis questionnaire which will guide you to choose your own plants.