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SEEDS are shipped free of charge (although there is a £5.00 minimum order for seeds, wherever they are sent) to the UK and Northern Ireland. Seeds to Europe (as one zone) and USA and the rest of the World (as another zone), will attract the minimum postal charge we believe the order will cost us to send. NB. Sending Seeds to USA and the rest of the World will have to be declared on Customs and Excise forms. This may entail Customs in recipient countries checking contents, and therefore it is advisable to first check with the authorities in your own country, whether there are restrictions on seed you wish to purchase, and find out if they need to be accompanied by phytosanitary certification. Please do this before ordering seed from us.
PLANTS can only be ordered online for delivery to the UK and Northern Ireland. Plants to all other destinations (we only ship plants within Europe) have to be priced individually per order, so please do not order or pay for plants to be sent to destinations outside UK and Northern Ireland online. If you would like a quote for other destinations, please email:

Feel free to browse our shipping matrix to help you make the most out of your shipping allowance.

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