Here are some emails we have been sent about our products and the work we do:

“Dear Sir/Madam, I am very pleased with the professional completion of order #8196. My leptospermum was pefectly grown, packaged, and delivered… But the coir pot! – what was I to do with this? Removal seemed well-nigh impossible without damaging the white roots. I did some research. The coir pot is to be planted too! Please include this gem of info on your Wild Alpine Manuka leaflet for the other idiots like me (surely there are some!) who did not know what coir pots are for, and how they are to be used.
Note that my Leptospermum is already planted in its final position – as per your instructions – complete with intact coir pot! I am looking forward to it growing well.
Many thanks,” Philip. (13/11/2023) Bee Happy Plants replied to say we are updating our care sheet for Manuka, Leptospermum scoparium, and thank you for the lovely and very helpful email!

“Hi there.
Just a little note to let you know that the plants have arrived safe and well!
They look absolutely fantastic. So well packaged for the journey.
The plants are in excellent condition, and its clear they have been so well looked after. I love the fact that they are organically grown/endorsed.
So excited to see them in full bloom and more importantly the bees will be too…
Thanks once again, I’ll definitely be recommending you and ordering again soon “.
Lindsay. (30/07/2021)

“Just a quick thank you for the orders placed over the last two years (although they have been few and far between)
The council has let me turn some land behind the flats I live in, and the plants from you have proved such good quality.
I am a novice gardener, and have gone for the bee and butterfly way of planting.
Thank You for having such a lovely choice on the web.
I hope all’s well”.
Andy (21/05/2021)

“I have just received my plants and seeds. I feel so excited! They are so carefully prepared. Can’t wait to show them to my bee-loving daughter.
Thanks so much”
Becky (25/03/2021 10:30)

“hi there team beehappy,
i’m looking forward to receiving these little packages of future biodiversity, potential and inspiration. it will be great to add to my menu on offer to my seasonally emerging winged co-residents and neighbours.
there’s quite a few other plant seeds on your site i’d love to have but are sold out. i’m guessing it will be a reasonably good year for seed saving so you might have then up on offer soon.
best regards,john” (5th August 2020)

“That’s great, thank you very much.
The plants came in today with Anpost
Perfect condition for as far as I could see.
Thank you.
Thank you for the wildflower seeds
Much appreciated” (27th July 2020)

” Thank you so much for my beautiful plants which arrived today, all in good condition, simply but well packaged so no damage done. One happy customer!
Joy” 😊 (30th April 2020)

Delighted to have received your lovely plants. They arrived this morning, beautifully packed and looking very healthy. Having had a good watering, they will be planted in the wildflower area of the garden tomorrow and will be well tended.
I am hoping that there will be some very contented Shropshire bees this year. Thank you for making it possible.
Very best wishes
Elaine” (30th April 2015)

“Hello again
Happy to report that my neighbour was kind enough to sign for my plants today. They are all looking very healthy considering the hold up & I cant wait to get them in the ground. I’m sure I will have some very happy bees later on 😊
Thank you for all your help & the smashing free bag!
Kind regards
Sara xx” (10th March 2015)

“Hi All,
I just wanted to say thank you for my lovely Motherwort plants, they have arrived on the Isle of Wight safe and sound. They are in good condition and have had their first taste of Island Water! They have nestled in with all the other plants which we have on every windowsill awaiting the time when the gardens have been dug and they can go outside!
I am very impressed with you all and will use you again soon. My son is now wanting to speak to the woman on the island who helps you set up Bee hives. But I have said it would be best for us to first build the ouside tortoise run and plant the gardens, then establish an area which is a nice habitat for the bees…. One step at a time and one project at a time.
Look forward to doing more busniess with you all,
Kindest Regards,
tamara” (26th February 2015)

“Hello Sarah
You may remember I bought plants from you last year to stock a newly landscaped garden. I would really like to include a bee-friendly
shrub and wondered about the manuka – as you can see from attached photo the garden is pretty small and I want something I can keep well pruned to stop it spreading out too much. Would this work with the manuka shrub or would cutting it back to control the spread (although not the height as I’d be happy for it to grow tall and slender)be counterproductive.
I have been delighted with all the other plants and even at the end of its first summer the garden looked pretty fantastic and definitely there were loads more pollinating insects.
Many thanks.
Louise” (22nd February 2015)

“Thank you Sarah – we’re really looking forward to growing the manuka plants. We have twelve of our own hives so I expect the bees will also be delighted in due course!
Thank you for your prompt service.
Best wishes,
Jean” (17th February 2015)

“Hello Sarah
Just wondering whether you supply organic bulbs at all, as I
believe the mainstream ones can be particularly full of chemicals!
My new bee
garden in Congleton, Cheshire is looking absolutely fantastic, and despite
being a small plot that was only planted up in May, is buzzing with
The top plant has been the Viper’s Bugloss but the spearmints, marshmallows,
goldenrods etc are starting to flower now and it’s so exciting when I get to
see what they look like. I’ve been showing lots of people and all are
Thanks so much”.
Louise J. (7th August 2014)

“Dear Sarah,
Received today in the post, spent a lovely hour planting.
Many thanks”
Brigitte Maisner (24th April 2014)

“Thank you very much for the order. Everything is perfect and we are very pleased with the splendid bag. We will be delighted to advertise you whenever we go shopping, as well as recommending you to our nature aware friends and acquaintances. We shall certainly visit you again.
Thank you again”.
Freda & Bob Bunce (currently Prof of Environmental Sciences in the Estonian Uni of Life Sciences in Tartu). (23rd April 2014)

Hi Sarah,
thank you so much for sending the seeds. they arrived the next day. I love the way you packaged them: all neatly laid out on an A4 sheet. The service you provide is outstanding. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Wishing you all the best,
Kurt. (27th August 2013)

Arrived this morning Thank you! I couldn’t BEE Happier!
Regards Dennis Flintham (23rd July 2013)

I think you’re great! I love what you are doing for the bees
and your seeds,plants and delivery are great value. Well done! Keep it up! 🙂
Fiona (13th May 2013)

We only discovered you recently. Andrew has bought heathers and herbs from you and been very pleased with them.
There’s a live link in our newsletter and numerous people have followed it to your site.
I thought we’d let you know. Please take a look at our newsletter.
Veronica Burke at Bread Matters
Macbiehill Farmhouse (10th May 2013)

Hi there,
Just to let you know, I’ve received my plants and I’m very happy with them. They’re happy in a propagator while I wait for my organic soil to turn up 🙂 Thank you for your advice on the soil by the way. I shared your website on facebook as I noticed you don’t have a page yet. I’d really recommend creating one (especially with all the dialogue over bees at the moment). I work for a small company and we have been kept successful through the recession largely because of Facebook. Where other business has died off, we’ve maintained relations with very loyal mail order customers. Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you in case you didn’t think it was worth doing as I’m very happy to find your company. I hope you do very well for yourselves.
Kind regards
Helen Linnane (30th April 2013)

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the plants that I ordered. They were very well packaged and arrived in excellent condition, and the complimentary bag was a lovely surprise.
The plants are part of a perennial wild flower meadow that I am creating at our allotments to provide food for our bees and I would be happy to promote your company to other plot holders and my friends. If you could supply any brochures/leaflets/plant lists then I could display these in our community chalet and also add your company to our website. The Kinver Allotment Association was established four years ago with Lottery funding which was used to rent a field from a local organic farmer who is keen to promote organic growing and encourage bee keeping. We currently have two hives and despite the bad weather both are thriving and any additional food sources should ensure that this continues.Our youngest bee keeper, aged 7, has written to and received replies from the Prime Minister’s office and Defra regarding the use of unfriendly pesticides as part of a school project and he would also be keen to promote beehappyplants at his school. Perhaps other schools would also be interested in this.
Regards Annie
KAA Commitee member. (23rd March 2013)

Good evening,
Thanks very much for the plants which arrived the other day, beautifully wrapped and parcelled.
The bag was a really nice surprise! Thank very much.
Best wishes,
Robert (2ndMarch 2013)

Hi there Beehappy,
I have just received my plants and wanted to thank you they are fantastic. I have never received plants in such excellent condition via post. I have already started telling friends of your excellent site, service and most of all plants.

Esther Moore (22nd June 2012)