Betonica officinalis


Common Name: Betony



Lamiaceae (family name)
Forage for Pollinators: Produces Nectar for Long-tongued and Short-tongued Bumblebees, especially popular with the Wool-carder solitary bee, who will also build its nests nearby under old moss, leaf litter and fine grass, especially in pot plants we have found. (Anthidium manicartum). Pollinated by bees.
Flowering time: June, July, August, September.
Growing information: NATIVE PERENNIAL WILDFLOWER growing to 0.6 m (2ft) by 0.4 m (1ft 6in). A long-lived grassland wildflower preferring damp, slightly acidic and poor soils of meadows, hedge-banks, open woodland. Leaves can be used as a tea substitute. Has a long history of use as a medicinal herb for a wide range of complaints such as ‘frayed nerves’ or poor memory. It is noted for attracting wildlife.
(Sow in late summer or autumn to allow a period of chilling to break seed dormancy)