Melittis melissophyllum



Lamiaceae (family name)
Forage for Pollinators: Nectar and Pollen are produced which seem to attract mainly Bumblebees and Solitary bees, though may not suit the short-tongued bees.
Flowering time: May, June, July.
Growing information: NATIVE PERENNIAL WILDFLOWER growing to 0.6m (2ft) by 0.4m (16”). Shade-loving, clump-forming, prefers free-draining soil. This absolutely beautiful native wildflower is sadly so rare that there are hardly any references to it. However, in June, when other flowers are thin on the ground, this one which is covered in masses of two-tone pink and white flowers is absolutely buzzing with all sorts of bees. Compared to other members of the Deadnettle family its flowers are enormous. The foliage is honey-scented, and remains so after drying. Traditionally it is used in ‘Maybowl’ beverages.