Cornfield Annual Wildflower mix


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Cornfield Annual Wildflower mix
36% Agrostemma githago – Corn Cockle
.5% Anagallis arvensis (Lysimachia arvensis) – Scarlet Pimpernel
5% Anthemis austriaca (Cota austriaca) – Corn Chamomile
26% Centaurea cyanus – Cornflower
15% Glebionis segetum – Corn Marigold
10% Papaver rhoeas – Wild Poppy
1.5% Ranunculus arvensis – Corn Buttercup
5% Silene noctiflora – Night-flowering Catchfly
1% Tripleurospermum inodorum – Scentless Mayweed

Annual wildflowers, some of which are rare, suitable for a wide range of soils including fertile ones, producing flowers from either an autumn, winter or spring sowing. The various species in this mix will thrive differently on different soils. The flowers would normally peak in June though a later sowing peaks later.

Sowing Instructions: Sow in Autumn, Winter or early Spring. Create a weed-free bed and rake to a fine tilth, then firm the seed bed by treading. Sow seed evenly and tread again to create good seed/soil contact. The area should be allowed to grow and flower and not cut until late summer after flowering and until all the seed has ripened. The cut grass/hay should be left to dry for a week or so, turned to let all the seeds drop back into the soil, and some of the hay can be left in situ to mulch and feed the soil, though ideally it should be removed so as not to let fertility build up too much. Feed to your pet rabbits or ponies! Sowing rate: 2g/m2