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This is a ‘must-have’ book for anyone serious about gardening for bees

This would make an ideal gift for any budding gardener, with some emphasis on which plants are suitable for growing in the British Isles, though would be applicable to any country with a similar temperate climate, as honeybees around the world have pretty much the same tastes and tongue-length. Bumblebees will also forage on any plant which provides nectar, and pollen, to their liking within reach of their tongue, regardless of the origin of the plant. So bees are not prejudice against non-native plants. Nor should we be, as long as their benefits outweigh any capacity to become invasive weeds, of course.
It is an extremely well researched work; though the author is quick to remind us that this volume by no means contains all the bees favourite plants; though it contains enough to keep us very busy and bees very happy 🙂
(review by Sarah Holdsworth)